39" 2-Sided Taxi Ad Carrier

39" 2-Sided Taxi Ad Carrier Identifies Your Fleet Vehicles and Puts Saleable Advertising Space on Each Car

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39" 2-Sided Taxi Ad Carrier

Item#: small-2-sided-ad-carrier

With Std. Screw Mount: $340.00
Independent lighting One side: $390.00
Independent Lighting, Two Sides: $440.00
Optional Straps & Mag. Mount, Add: $155.00

Mounting Straps & Magnets +155.00

Made in America Flag of USA

39"L X 14"W x 15"H
Now you have the option to upgrade to LED lighting, (lower voltage, more durable, longer lasting)
Lighted - 1 Sign - 2 Messages
Identify your cars & MAKE MONEY!
All Dimensions Are Approximate

2-Sided Lighted Roof-Mounted Ad Carrier

  • Fits easily on most full and mid-sozed cars.
  • Has a one piece molded top that takes 14" high x 33" long media.
  • Translucent removable material should be used for ease of changing the advertising.
  • One-piece heavy plastic polycarbonate plastic shell for extra long life Wind Tested @ 120 MPH.
  • The tops are frosted white. You may leave this way, or paint to your company colors.
  • Back lighted text area gives high visibility night illumination of advertising message.
  • Rugged, long-lasting and low wattage LED lighting.
  • Full aluminum pan eliminates dirty interior panels that would cut illumination.
  • Available with Emergency "CALL 911" and Taxi Identification front and rear.
  • Simple installation requiring one (1) hour or less.
  • Tie wiring to headlight circuit so advertising is highly visible at night.

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