Taxi Fare Meters

Taxi Fare Meters. Chose from Top Brands: Centrodyne and Pulsar.

Taximeters keep both you and your customers informed and confident that the fare is fair. In addition, they are required equipment for cabs in most jurisdictions. We carry Centrodyne and Pulsar meters, the two leading taxi fare meter manufacturers in the USA. We use both in our own fleet and like both manufacturer's products. That's why we carry both of them here.

Pulsar 2030 Taxi Meter

Pulsar is a world leader in the design and manufacture of taximeters with cutting-edge technology. Our automated production-line assures volume production with unsurpassed quality at an unbeatable price.

Centrodyne Taximeters
Centrodyne's full line of electronic taximeters ranges from the basic meter to the most advanced.Available features include integral or remote printing, credit card capability, global positioning information (GPS), Interface with Dispatch Systems through ""EaseLink"", Centrodyne's proprietary taxi meter firmware, serial ports, electronic matching of meter to installation and many other features.

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